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How to grow your blog audience

Since I started my website and blog , I was always worried about growing my audience. Despite my sharing efforts, mainly on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, I just got a couple of hundreds of views per post, mainly from my contacts. How can my posts reach readers beyond my social circles?  In the age of collaborative economy making a huge impact on most sectors, there has be a solution of bloggers helping bloggers to promote their posts and grow their respective audiences. Copromly is a web a web app that  makes use of collaborative growth to provide bloggers with a 10-fold audience reach in their social campaigns. If you are a blogger who wants to promote a blog post for free , the process is quite simple: 1) You submit your post to Copromly 2) Copromly provides you with a magazine   featuring your post and presenting some posts from other bloggers. 3) Other bloggers promote their magazines. Some of them show   your   post. 4) You promote your magazine (e

Managing technical debt of your products

You and your team are working on a new version of the product. There is an strict deadline that you simply can't meet within high-quality standards, and you are not allowed to cut corners of these must-have features. After explaining the situation to your manager, she responds that this is a business decision and that you have to do whatever is necessary to meet this deadline. In other words, you need to do some low-quality work which should be reviewed and enhanced in the future. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? This is the most common example of technical debt , but we are not just talking about unclean code that needs to be refactored. Other types of technical debt are bad design, insufficient test coverage, poor integration, etc. Sometimes it is necessary to take on some debt for compelling reasons, such us going out of business otherwise, or being the first to market. However, the decision makers must have in mind that it is a loan after all, and it has to

How to migrate your PHP website to Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud ( Amazon  EC2 )  and is one of the most popular hosting solutions nowadays. Using EC2's virtual servers you don't need to  invest in hardware up front, and you can easily manage performance, networking and security of your applications. The AWS Free Tier  provides the following free services for 12 months, and with a competitive price afterwards: 750 hours per month of Linux, RHEL, or SLES t2.micro instance usage 750 hours per month of Windows t2.micro instance usage Run one instance at a time or multiple instances simultaneously In this post I will explain how can you easily migrate your application from your local server to this high-performance cloud solution. 1) Sign up. Sign up for free on Amazon Web Services . Credit card information is required, but you won't be charged during the first 12 months. 2) Set up EC2. On your Amazon Management Console, apply for a EC2 account following these instructions . Keep the resu

How to disable video auto-play on Facebook

Many people are experiencing mobile data shortage  or higher phone bills since Facebook decided to auto-play videos  on our walls  by default . If you have a 1Gb/month data allowance and every time you check your Facebook wall you play a couple of videos for 10 seconds, you'd better upgrade your data plan... or use this simple trick . You can disable the "auto-play" option or leave it enabled when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network following these instructions. ANDROID 1) Open your Facebook app and click on the menu button (top-right corner) 2) Go to App Settings 3) Click on Video Auto-play 4) Select the  Off or the Wi-fi only  option IOS 1)  Open your Facebook app and click on the menu button (top-right corner) 2)  Go to Settings 3)  Click on Videos and Photos 4)   Click on Auto-Play Videos 5)  Select the  Off  or the Wi-fi only  option DESKTOP 1)  Open Facebook on your favorite browser 2) Click on the menu button (top-right corner