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8 proven techniques to have shorter and better meetings

Some weeks ago I published a post  on Linkedin  asking my connections for their  best tricks to have more effective meetings .  This is a summary of the techniques that are being used successfully in world-class companies and institutions: Invites.  State a clear purpose, specific agenda points and share the slides upfront (if available). Make sure you have invited only the right participants by stating the roles and responsibilities for each one in the invite. Set up.  Prepare the context to start on time: room, tooling, material, connectivity, etc. Be on time.  Start your meetings at :05 to allow people to arrive from other meetings and grab a coffee.  No devices.  Mobile phones are not allowed on the desk or attendees' hands. Laptops are not allowed in the room except for the presenters. Stand-ups.  Meetings that are about status and decision making shouldn't be long. Chair-less rooms are ideal for this. Meetings about collaborative content review or training are