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What I learnt validating my MVP and promoting my app for free

In October 2015 I developed Xtegos - Voices for Whatsapp as a weekend project. Xtegos is a mobile app to r ead messages with funny foreign accents and share them on Whatsapp as voice messages. After launching the MVP for  Android , I wanted to test the following assumptions : 1) People like sharing voice messages with someone else's voice on Whatsapp groups. 2) People prefer that voice to have a funny foreign accent. 3) This app will grow organically after some initial marketing effort. In order to achieve some customer base, I implemented the following marketing strategies : A) Create a website , Facebook page and a Twitter account  (renamed one with 5k followers). B) Share the app with my personal contacts on social media. C) Share funny voice messages created with Xtegos on my Whatsapp groups. D) Promote Xtegos on Facebook groups with keyword "Whatsapp" with a big lie in the post: " Xtegos, the app to share voices on Whatsapp that is