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Pause vs continue giant AI experiments: I asked GPT-4 to write articles supporting each cause

Thousands of AI experts have recently signed an open letter demanding a 6-month moratorium for training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4. Other experts, however, think that would be both naive and counterproductive. I asked GPT-4 itself to write articles supporting each cause - and came up with really good argumentations. Article 1: Support pausing giant AI experiments The Case for Pausing Advanced AI Research: Protecting Society from Unintended Consequences Is it time to hit the brakes on AI development to safeguard our society? By GPT-4 As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to make significant leaps in capability, the potential risks and ethical concerns surrounding this technology have also grown. While AI offers a wealth of potential benefits, it's crucial to consider the potential consequences of moving too quickly. In this article, we discuss why it might be prudent to pause advanced AI research in order to protect our society from unintended consequences. 1. AI saf