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How to share remote audio files on social media using Phonegap

I wanted to create the iOS and Windows Phone versions of Xtegos using Phonegap , and the main problem I had was sharing audio files on Whatsapp. There is a fantastic Cordova plugin called Social Sharing , developed by Eddy Verbruggen (thanks for your help), which makes things much easier, but it does not explain how to share audio files. This is how I did it on Javascript: The function below assumes that your file is in a remote server. If this is not the case, the code is much simpler and you can remove all the XMLHttpRequest code. function shareAudio() {   var endpoint = ';   var client = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET', endpoint, true); // Async call    // Need to change the MimeType for this kind of binary content   client.overrideMimeType("text/plain; charset=x-user-defined");   client.onreadystatechange = function() {      // When the progress is level 4 (ready) and the status is 200     if (clie

Xtegos: funny accents for your Whatsapp voice messages

It's a fact, we can't help smiling when someone orders a drink in Spanish with a very strong English accent, the same way English people smile when I ask for directions with my Spanish accent.  However, we really appreciate their effort speaking a foreign language. I wanted to know how would people react if they had an app to recreate these international accents and share them with their friends. That is why  I spent 8.5h developing Xtegos , an Android app that enables users to read any text with nine different accents and share the result  as a voice message  on Whatsapp . The interface is extremely simple, literally a text box, nine voice selectors, a button to listen and another one to share on Whatsapp. In the backend I am using Android TTS after trying out some other free text-to-speech APIs. The best thing about this native voice synthesizer is that you can use it even offline . The voices currently available are: English, French, German, Brazilian, Italian, Russ