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Showing posts from August, 2019 gallery of art made by Artificial Intelligence

In August 2019 I launched ,  an online gallery where you can buy works of art created by Artificial Intelligence, nicely printed in canvas and shipped anywhere. The value that provides to the customers (individuals and businesses) is the uniqueness of each work of art, because we guarantee that only one copy will ever be sold. AI Art has become a very exclusive trend, with just a few specialized artists. Perhaps that is why the auction of an artwork reached $432k in Christie's in 2018. The art generation technique is called Generative Adversarial Networks , and it enables machines to learn different painting styles and patterns from real artists by analyzing their paintings. I adapted multiple open-source algorithms , and collected a training dataset of over 20.000 public domain oil paintings from WikiArt and the Metropolitan Museum of New York . The training process took over 1200 hours of computing power (Google Cloud GPU) per style (p