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How to change a post thumbnail in Blogger

If you have ever published a post on Blogger with more than one image on it, you might know that the featured image  (also called post thumbnail ) that is displayed in your blog's landing page is always the first image in the post. Blogger does not provide an editor tool to change this thumbnail. However, there is a workaround that will enable you to set the image you want. Find the Image URL. You can do this by right-clicking on an image of your choice from your browser and selecting Copy image address . Note that it can be any image that is publicly available on the Internet, not only from your post. Changing your post HTML code. From Blogger editor tool, click on the pencil, then select HTML view . Add the following line at the very start of your HTML code: <img src=" " style="display:none;"/> where the URL in red is the one you copied in step 1. Click on Publish . That's it! The chosen image will be displayed as

How to schedule a message in Microsoft Teams

In 2021 I wrote an article [1] about the importance of scheduling your work emails and positive impact that this action has in your productivity and in the wellbeing of your email recipients. At that time I wished it was possible to schedule messages on Microsoft Teams as well, since I often choose to work at unusual hours and I do not want to disturb anyone that has push notifications enabled. I even used to write my Teams messages anytime but waited until 08:00 the next morning before clicking  Send . Fortunately, after a long wait [2]  it is finally possible to schedule messages in Microsoft Teams,  although you need to enable this option first and it is not that easy to find. Here is how you do it. 1) Open Microsoft Teams in the desktop app or in the browser. Click on Apps . 2) Click on Workflows. 3)  Find an app called  Schedule a message and click on it. 4)  Click on Sign In. 5)  Click on  Sign In and then on Add Workflow. 6)  The workflow will be added. Click on Done. Let