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Getting a ReactJS app approved on Adsense

I developed a memory game called Kobadoo as a Single-Page Application (SPA) using ReactJS. Since the very beginning I tried to monetize the game by displaying ads, but it was not that easy.  Despite the good traffic Kobadoo had, all my applications to Adsense were consistently rejected by Google with the cryptic argument " Valuable Inventory: No content ".  My first guess was that the landing page needed even more text . I had at that time two or three paragraphs describing the game, and I ended up adding two more with the hope that it would help Adsense find better contextual ads. However, this change made no effect and the application was rejected again. Then, after reading some articles stating the poor SEO performance of ReactJS applications, I decided to implement Server-Side Rendering (SSR) with NextJS , which is a proven technique to rank better on search engines. Sadly, Google rejected once again my application with the same explanation. Disappointed, I decided to us

How to fix the "earnings at risk" error and ads.txt issues on Adsense?

When I started using Adsense I was shocked that, after a few days with decent revenue, it suddenly dropped to 0. I had previously followed the steps to upload the right ads.txt file to my root domain, and I could see it by opening https:// . After waiting for a week with the annoying message " Earnings at risk " being displayed and zero earnings, I figured out what the problem actually was. I was able to access ads.txt , but Google bots weren't. My robots.txt file had this content:     User-agent: *     Allow: /index.html     Disallow: / I changed it to the one below, and after a few hours the error message disappeared and the earnings came back to normal.     User-agent: *     Allow: /