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Website Load Testing with Apache JMeter

I was exploring different load testing tools in order to make sure that the Ethics Canvas platform would resist peaks of up to 100 users  signing in every 10 seconds , when I came across Apache JMeter . JMeter is a robust Java-based open-source tool that allows users to test performance both on webservices, web dynamic languages, Java Objects, databases and queries, FTP servers, etc. Running JMeter (Linux): Download Apache JMeter Extract the content from the compressed file From the Terminal, navigate into the apache-jmeter/bin Type ./jmeter and it will open the Java app (make sure you have Java installed) Running load tests on Ethics Canvas: Right-click on Test Plan -> Add -> Threads -> Thread Group On Number of Threads we enter the desired number of users: 100 On Ramp-Up Period we enter the desired test duration: 10 Right-click on Thread Group -> Add -> Sampler -> HTTP Request On Server Name we type On Path

The Ethics Canvas

In 2008, Alexander Osterwalder presented an innovative tool called " Business Model Canvas " (BMC) that aimed to help entrepreneurs to capture the fundamental business knowledge about their project, and bring about pivots in order to make the business model more consistent and successful.  Since then, the BMC has helped over 5 million entrepreneurs increase the value that they provide to their users, and find a sustainable model. In 2015, a group of researchers from ADAPT Centre  started using a similar approach in order to detect at early stage all the ethical implications of a project, and help entrepreneurs and researchers pivot their idea in order to minimise these issues. If you think about new technologies such as biotech, AI, IoT, VR, biometrics, blockchain, 3D printing,... they all bring great advancements for humanity, but they have some potential ethical issues that could have a catastrophic impact. After some months of hard work and experiments, we h